Adaptive Reporting

Most businesses today know that their financial reporting is not as good as it should be. Yet many are slow to take action to correct it. The reasons are many, chief among them: other priorities.
Workday Adaptive Planning’s intuitive, self-service, drag-and-drop report builder puts powerful yet easy-to-use web-based financial forecasting software in the hands of finance, budget managers, and executives. Users can quickly report on actuals, plan, and forecast information from across the Adaptive Suite using this dynamic financial forecasting software.
Online reports automatically sort and subtotal across dimensions. Drill-down and flexible parameters make it easy to analyse data across multiple scenarios. Intelligent links across Microsoft Office automate report packages, allowing users to make faster, more informed business decisions. Our enterprise reporting software allows users across the company to make faster, more informed decisions.
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  • Provide self-service reporting to department users, freeing up finance
  • Avoid reliance and burden on IT to create and run reports
  • Generate and share reports based on the latest data
  • Enhance visibility into performance for all budget managers and executives
  • Perform timely and accurate ad hoc reporting

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