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Established more than 150 years ago, Crittall Windows Limited (Crittall) pioneered and standardised the steel window industry. With manufacturing facilities on five continents, Crittall became the dominant source of steel windows and doors internationally and is equally active in new construction and refurbishment. Projects range from replacing and replicating thousands of architecturally significant 1920s windows to supplying windows for the most contemporary buildings designed by today’s foremost architects. The company is now the second largest supplier of steel windows in the United States, having rebuilt its entire U.S. distribution network in just six years. Crittall has annual revenue of more than 23 million dollars and approximately 200 employees.

Location: Witham, Essex, UK
Industry: Manufacturing


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Quick Deployment and Collaborative Features Put Data at Fingertips for Crittall


For Crittall, a windows manufacturer, budgeting with multiple spreadsheets felt like a “perpetual ticking time bomb.” Manual updates put data integrity and forecast accuracy at risk. But the U.K.-based company shifted from a reactive to proactive approach after migrating to Adaptive Planning. The streamlined interface allowed for updating and building reports in real-time, thus eliminating the risk of errors due to manual consolidation. Moreover, the cloud-based software put Crittall back in control of data-driven decisions as business conditions change.


  • Relied on multiple spreadsheets to maintain annual budget
  • Limited forecasting capabilities in spreadsheets
  • Difficult to measure investment in labor resources with product output
  • Manual data entry to update assumptions or allocations


  • Streamlined budget process encouraged proactive approach toward data collaboration
  • Reduced data errors by automating allocations and assumptions
  • Created timely and accessible forecasts
  • Improved accuracy of budget

“After coming across an email from Adaptive Insights, I took a closer look because I really needed to find a better solution for budgeting. The Adaptive Insights website detailed a lot of information about the solution. The price point was reasonable and the core features were exactly what I was looking for. I began viewing the videos and reviewing the training documentation. It was a great solution to solving our budgeting challenges.”