Every year, INTO helps thousands of young people from around the world study at leading universities, opening up a lifetime of career opportunities.

Location: Brighton, UK
Industry: Higher Education


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INTO Adds Precision to Forecasting and Modelling Capabilities

Finance team becomes go-to strategic partner within business


The global reach of INTO—which connects students seeking to study abroad with colleges—presented challenges for the organisation’s finance team. Outposts from around the globe were tracking finances with 60 to 70 spreadsheets that the finance team then had to attempt to consolidate to gain strategic insight into the business. By integrating Adaptive Planning, INTO was able to consolidate data into a single source of truth and create efficiencies that freed the finance team to focus on addressing changing market conditions in its budgets and forecasts. Most notably in 2016, this meant assessing the impact Brexit had on foreign students wanting to come to the UK.

By using Adaptive Planning’s modelling and forecasting capabilities, the company mitigated any potentially damaging consequences and the data generated through Adaptive Insights became a trusted resource for the management team.


  • Complex, fragmented business structure
  • Changing market conditions
  • Qualitative KPIs that inform the business


  • Integrated reporting to achieve single, reliable version of the truth
  • Impact of Brexit modelled
  • Future-looking finance team becomes business partner

“Clear Plan helped INTO’s key decision makers see the considerable value of the solution and its integration capabilities with INTO’s existing MIS system.”

Chris Wright, Group Reporting Analyst