ITE Group


Established in the early 1990s, the ITE Group organizes over 200 trade exhibitions and conferences each year in 15 countries and employs over 1000 staff in 27 offices worldwide. ITE generates 180 million GBP annually by organizing leading trade exhibitions and conferences in growing and developing markets, including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India and Uzbekistan

ITE Group reaps the benefits of accelerated planning and improved collaboration



  • Relied on spreadsheets to manage global budget process
  • Budget process took three to four months on average
  • Difficult to conduct management reporting, reforecast, or easily share reports


  • Implemented in less than two months and rolled out to 30 users
  • Improved access to data better identifies potential issues
  • Saved time on consolidation processes

“After comparing the different options, Adaptive provided a better solution with better support, the ability for us to manage the application despite different levels of IT support across our regional offices, meant that we were self reliant. In addition, the fact that you could log-in from anywhere via the internet was a big selling point.”

Darren Rao, Head of Management Information Systems, ITE Group.