Regent’s University London is London’s only independent, not-for-profit university, with a highly cosmopolitan community based in royal Regent’s Park and Marylebone. The university offers both UK and American-style degree programs in a wide range of fields, including business and management, finance, humanities, creative arts, social sciences and design.


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London’s Only Independent University Gains Actionable Insights to Enhance Student Experience

Faster, more efficient planning and analysis helps inform short and long-term decision making

Regent’s University London is London’s only independent, non-profit university.  With Adaptive Planning, the university moved to a model of continuous planning with a standardized system of record for financial performance, and ultimately increased a sense of ownership to financial performance with its budgets holders. Today Regent’s University London is conducting extensive short and long-term forecasting to extract all the drivers involved in the future financial health of the university.


  • Inability to consolidate planning and budgeting data across seven schools and approximately 50 cost centres.
  • Distrust in the accuracy of data to extract meaningful insights
  • Limited ability to forecast


  • Increased control over financial planning process with accurate and actionable data
  • Faster, more efficient planning and analysis involving all budget stakeholders
  • Improved decision-making capabilities involving short and long-term cash flow used for enhancing student experience

“Clear Plan built a budgeting model that reflected the needs of the university’s multi-disciplinary campus community operating across seven schools. Integrating existing account structures and providing briefing sessions helped speed up implementation and educate budget holders to the advantages of the new approach.”