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We bring a unique combination of product expertise, best practise knowledge and real-world experience to help you realise the true value of Workday Adaptive Planning in the shortest period of time.

What sets us apart? It’s the quality our people. That’s why we’re proud of 100% client satisfaction. We’re committed to delivering the very best experience for our clients, that’s why we’re proud of our long-standing customer relationships.

Personal and Dedicated Service

Clear Plan is a leading and one of the most experienced Workday Adaptive Planning partner's in the UK. From initial product enquiry, to our customised trial, through to a deployment, we offer a personal and dedicated service. You’ll always work with the same team from initial product demonstration through to deployment and beyond.

We’re customer focused, ready to listen and adapt to your working practices and culture. We’ll work at a pace that suits you, with requirements that match your needs, so you are confident you have the right solution to drive your business forward.

Cloud based budget planning app

End-to-End Delivery

The intuitive nature ofWorkday Adaptive Planning results in low implementation timescales and training requirements. And we’re focused End to end Delivery enabling you to realise the value of your investment in the shortest timescales.

web based budget accounting


Through a detailed design workshop, we’ll work together to establish and agree on project success. During this phase we review existing practices and materials, existing spreadsheets and gain a broad understanding of users, roles and submission processes. It is important to conduct an early identification of key challenges across revenue modelling, personnel modelling, cash flow and balance sheet. We will conduct a walk-though of the design to ensure optimum fit; agree project structure, phases and timescales, and clear deliverables. The end result is a formal schedule and detailed project plan that helps us all reach your ultimate solution.

cloud based corporate finanical forecasting software


Your model is designed using organisation structure, chart of accounts, dimensions/attributes and assumptions. We create sheets containing formulae and calculations; format and display which we test and review with you. We undertake incremental linking: assumptions and drivers to sheets; sheet-to-sheets; sheets to CoA. This is an iterative process to ensure design and build meets your requirements at all times.

cloud based financial analytics software


Deployment includes end user roll-out, training materials, workshop and train-the-trainer activities. Documentation is the final handover and finance then becomes the full owner of the solution with ongoing support from Clear Plan.

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Software and Technology

Improve Retention and Reduce Churn

Workday Adaptive Planning provides software-specific metrics and templates for budgeting, forecasting, scenario modelling, dashboards, and reports.

The intuitive dashboards let you continuously visualise and explore subscription revenue metrics, such as MRR and ARR, annual contract value (ACV), and average revenue per account (ARPA), so that you can accurately plan investments in marketing, development, and sales. Track and gain insights from underlying customer metrics, including customer acquisition costs (CAC), customer lifetime value (LTV), churn and renewal rates.

The result is improved sales and revenue forecasting, and insights that help to improve customer retention and reduce churn while reducing acquisition costs.


Make Every Pound Count

We understand that each non-profit has its own unique needs. Whether it’s managing multiple revenue sources or retaining and engaging donors we have you covered. We can help you:

  • Plan and actualise fundraising efforts over multiple channels (event registration revenues and expenses, membership renewals etc)
  • Model and track operating expenses
  • Track donor contributions efficiently and effectively
  • Create plans based on average donor contributions and cost per program
  • Analyse programs by fund, program, project etc
  • Model personnel allocations for programs and projects
  • Plan program overheads
  • Allocate shared costs
  • Align with governance requirements
  • Cash flow planning
  • Integrate with common data platforms such as Blackbaud, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

We can help with planning all your fundraising activities while being responsible stewards of funds from patrons and benefactors. We understand the importance of making every pound count.

Media and Advertising

Streamline Financial Reporting to Drive Business Growth

We understand the speed of the industry and the need to have everything at your fingertips. Clear Plan can give you the tools to plan budgets, understand client value, manage teams and ultimately grow the business.

We enable you to build more effective revenue plans by helping you plan and forecast billing rates, resources and project plans. Automate revenue recognition and reporting based on milestones, accruals or actualised billing.

Our Cloud-based solutions establishes a consolidated source of accurate data for planning and reporting. Managers across any of your accounts can enter budgets and submit project plans, ensuring that you have one source for consistent and accurate performance metrics and KPIs. The intuitive dashboards let you continuously visualize and explore revenue metrics allowing you to instantly see the status of operational and financial KPIs.

We deliver headcount planning capabilities that let you align resources against projects so you can manage client demand more efficiently. Model employee costs, billing rates, and utilisation assumptions. Compare scenarios, and analyse their impact on project profitability. Plan and report on payroll and fully loaded employee costs to better manage expenses. Integrate and consolidate data from HR and other business systems to get faster and more accurate visibility into personnel and services costs.

From resource management to revenue recognition, from project planning to flexible reporting capabilities, we help agencies gain deeper insights into profitability, so you can make smarter, strategic decisions to drive the business forward.

Financial Services

Plan Smarter, Report Faster, Analyse Better

Slow economic growth, market saturation, and a complex regulatory system can cause a wealth of challenges for your business. Clear Plan can help you streamline FP&A, performance management, reporting, and compliance processes.

  • Rapidly generate financial statements and management reports, and even perform stress testing so that you can manage risk and compliance processes more efficiently.
  • Intuitive dashboards allow managers to instantly see the status of operational and financial KPIs such as fee income, broker commissions, net revenue growth, expense and asset growth, and credit losses.
  • Integrate and consolidate data from HR and other business systems to get faster and more accurate visibility into personnel and services costs.

We deliver flexible reporting capabilities to help you gain deeper insights into profitability (by product and service), so you can make smarter, strategic decisions.