Specsavers is a partnership of almost 2,000 locally run businesses throughout the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, all committed to delivering high quality, affordable optical and hearing care in the communities they serve. With over 28 million customers, one in three people who wear glasses in the UK buy them from Specsavers.


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Specsavers Achieves Enterprise View of Corporate Performance to Lead Business Initiatives

Specsavers has deployed Adaptive Insights planning solution, which is also offered by Clear Plan, the only dedicated UK partner of Adaptive Insights. Adaptive planning has provided Specsavers with faster, more reliable planning and reporting to guide business decisions and company growth opportunities.


  • Using spreadsheets to manage its budgeting and business planning
  • Lack of collaboration across management teams
  • Consolidating data into a single overall budget
  • Inaccuracies increasingly threatened to throw business goals off course


Adaptive Planning has allowed Specsavers to allocate budgets far more simply and efficiently; reducing any unnecessary costs and minimising the hours spent correlating data from different cost centres. Planning has been accelerated by 50 percent, thanks to automated aggregation and pre-population of planning sheets with data from the company’s general ledger and ERP systems. 

  • Generate monthly tailored reports and models complex ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Understand the financial impact of potential new FTE’s
  • Automated their variance analysis and monthly retailing KPI reporting

“Adaptive has offered us a scalable solution to our budgeting and reporting requirements. More than ever before the company is now all on the same financial page. It has allowed us to drive discussions based on a single view of the entire business, giving us the historic picture that allows us to look forward based on real trends.”

Matt Buckley, Group Planning & Reporting Lead for Finance