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Forecasting often feels like a moving target. Working Links pinned it down with a streamlined financial process. As its operations grew, the U.K.-based nonprofit ran into limitations with its accounting software, including difficulty to create robust scenario modeling with the data on hand. Working Links found the solution with Adaptive Planning. The intuitive interface increased budget collaboration, allowing for deeper understanding of business model modifications and their impact to cash flow. Robust budgeting, reporting, and financial forecasting set the nonprofit organization on a path of growth.


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Working links gains greater data transparency and improved accuracy in financial planning

Intuitive Interface Pushes Nonprofit Financial Processes Through Quick Start Transformation


Working Links was founded in 2000 and operates in more than 100 locations across England, Scotland, Wales, Poland and the Middle East employing more than 1000 people. It is a unique organisation that delivers services to tackle social exclusion and poverty by helping disadvantaged individuals and communities. The organisation’s programs have helped more than 240,000 people get back to work. Working Links helps and supports people who face significant challenges and barriers such as those who have been unemployed for a long time to former offenders, lone parents and older workers. It also works with employers and the prison and probation services to help prisoners in over 55 prisons.


  • Existing TM1 system was difficult to use and maintain
  • No ability to easily conduct scenario modelling
  • Reforecasting process was slow and onerous


  • Implemented the solution in less than two months
  • Rolled out to 15 users via WebEx training
  • Reduction in the amount of headcount spent on the budget and planning process

“We asked all the vendors to do a proof of concept. Clear Plan’s proof of concept was very much in tune with how we wanted to manage the budgeting and forecasting process.”